Baby mattress with foam and spring core

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Especially with regard to the material of the cover and the filling baby mattresses have strong differences. The most common types of baby mattresses include the foam core mattress, the spring mattress, and the latex mattress. These are common types of mattresses, which can also be found in one or the other parent bedroom.

Baby mattress with foam core

Baby bed mattresses with a foam core are among the classic and popular models. We also often found this variant in our baby mattress comparison. Cold foam mattresses ensure a particularly stable and quiet lying position, are heat-insulating and have a good adjustment performance, so that the baby is comfortable and healthy bedding.

Foam core baby mattresses are also characterized by easy handling during cleaning. A baby mattress with a foam core is also good for allergy-babies. In addition, they are known to be usually in a very good price-performance ratio.

However, if your baby is sweating a lot during sleep, it is better to use another model because otherwise, cold foam mattresses may be over-hydrated.


  • Comfortable, safe sleep experience for the baby
  • available in many different versions
  • suitable for the individual needs of your child
  • also suitable for allergy sufferers
  • can be flexibly used as a play or cuddly meadow during the day

Baby mattress with spring core

Another classic and popular alternative to the baby mattress with cold foam is the spring mattress. The spring mattress is particularly breathable and also known to withstand the rigors of long-term.

In spring mattresses can be differentiated between Bonell- and pocket spring mattresses.

A baby mattress with spring core is particularly stable and adapts well to the body of your baby. Spring core mattresses often score points when they are bought, thanks to their low price. Mostly they convince by a good price-performance ratio.

When buying a cot mattress with innerspring you should always pay attention to the point elasticity. It must be high enough so that your baby’s body is fully supported in every position.

Unfortunately, the spring mattress offers the same disadvantages as the foam core mattress for a lot of sweaty babies, as it also absorbs moisture and thus does not ideally regulate moisture. Always Stay up to date with the latest news at


  • breathable
  • high stability
  • high elasticity
  • Durable
  • good value for money

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