Features of orthopedic mattresses:

LinoCitrin 10 Apr , 2019 0 Comments Best Mattress Brand

When you start looking for a new mattress, you often come across a series of unclear information that makes it even more difficult to choose. This is because many times we rely on mattresses believing that it is the best thing to choose a good mattress. The mattresses that are on the market are of many types and models and the technology with which they are now very modern products.

For this, it is good to inform yourself in detail on the type of mattress that is most suitable for you and then dispel the old myths about mattresses.

To be considered orthopedic, a mattress must have a number of springs between 700 and 800 springs. In fact, a mattress with a lower number of springs will not be able to offer the same support, while a mattress with a larger number of springs, will have springs of smaller size and consequently a lower support rigidity, compared to a mattress of about 700/800 springs.

In the past, the “orthopedic mattress” was a type of mattress that was classified as hard/rigid and able to maintain its shape over time. He tended to be what he did best in the back in a time when mattresses were only classified into two categories: soft or rigid. Consequently, on a stiff mattress, notoriously that of pocket springs, the back was better supported than on a soft mattress and that is how we began to think that the rigid mattress was the only one that really did well on the back as it succeeded to make it relax properly and guarantee what was then considered to be the right night rest. Do not miss to look at our site and view the specs at Bestmattress-brand.org for better comfort levels.

With the passage of time, for this reason, the rigid mattress was therefore called orthopedic without however there was a real regulation around this definition. It is thus that, as a result, the orthopedic mattress has begun to be in great demand by those who had back problems and popular belief is what is normally able to alleviate back pains.

Nowadays we can instead say that a good mattress is not the orthopedic one since, being stiff, although it supports the back well, it cannot accept it properly. As a result, the pressure points of the body are not relieved correctly and this is one of the causes that generate back pain and waking pains.

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